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Entry #1

Holy Sh*t I Barfed

2010-06-27 19:47:27 by HeadBuster9000

I just visited bluewaffle.net cuz its something everyones talking about and i threw up. Thank God it was in the toilet. If you havent visited that site and you cant stand extremely gross stuff dont go there. just ask a friend or somethin. Yeah. But at the same time i suggest you to not be a pussy and visit that site.

Who likes Burnout? Heres a nice pic of it.

Holy Sh*t I Barfed


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2010-06-27 19:50:37

i will check out that site and i like the pic

HeadBuster9000 responds:



2010-06-27 20:16:53

holy shit i shit


2010-06-28 00:47:29

I threw up this morning! Ah, yes. I had consumed some leftover jambalaya that was a bit older than I had expected. Needless to say, it had gained life while trapped in that bowl in the fridge, and DEMANDED FREEDOM upon being consumed. I had no choice in the matter.