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Imma boy who likes ta draw and play games from newgrounds. im in the dark side. join us, we got cookies. anyway i dont do anything much i just get up, survive, then go back to sleep.

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Posted by HeadBuster9000 - June 28th, 2010

how do you change the picture on the experiance thing on the left hand side of your page? If you kno please tell me thnx

Posted by HeadBuster9000 - June 28th, 2010

I like to play Miami Shark and Sydny Shark if you havent played that game try it out. But if you play on Newgrounds site, it'll be kinda annoying cuz the control messes up bad the whole time.

Wait my brother just told me it messes up everywhere. But besides that it's a fun game. Good game to get medals to. Its cool.

Who likes God od War? Heres a pic


Posted by HeadBuster9000 - June 27th, 2010

Guys i just watched Christmas with dad n me it was simply awesome.
anyway i drew two pictures the smily and the newgrounds. i think newgrounds drawing is awesome.

Anybody know how to earn medals and stuff cuz im not that good at it and im too lazy to look it up. if you knpw please tell me.

Posted by HeadBuster9000 - June 27th, 2010

I forgot. JOIN THE DARK SIDE!!! There's a story to that darkside thing. I was in camp few weeks back, and everytime i got out of the lake and head to our cabins, my friend and i would just pick random guys and ask him to join the dark side. I guess it started with the emo vid on you tube. We would say " Join the Dark Side. We got cookies," and some guys say sure, some say ill think about it. only one said no. so we got about 15 ppl to join. Some of you might say im wierd but hey, thats the way i am.

Heres a nice pic of big daddy from Bioshock:

The Story of the Darkside

Posted by HeadBuster9000 - June 27th, 2010

I just visited bluewaffle.net cuz its something everyones talking about and i threw up. Thank God it was in the toilet. If you havent visited that site and you cant stand extremely gross stuff dont go there. just ask a friend or somethin. Yeah. But at the same time i suggest you to not be a pussy and visit that site.

Who likes Burnout? Heres a nice pic of it.

Holy Sh*t I Barfed